environment beneficial for healing

Maintains a clean and moist wound

chronic, deep & complicated wounds

Designed for healing

To clean and deslough infected wounds

& initiate the healing process using biological means

AXXO Woundgel

The AXXO Woundgel is a plant based, non-allergenic hydrogel based on a unique microsphere technology. It contains PHMB incorporated into fully biodegradable starch microspheres, which are suspended in a gel matrix for optimal infection prevention and treatment. The gel delivers moisture to the wound, whilst maintaining enough absorption capacity for exudate, debris and bacteria. The AXXO Woundgel is a CE-certified medical device of class IIb.


  • Plant based and naturally degradable in the wound

  • Sustained antimicrobial activity for the duration of contact with the wound

  • Creates and maintains a moist wound environment

  • Effectively reduces the bacterial load in the wound and prevents biofilm

  • Reduces healing time

  • Supports autolytic debridement


Designed for deep and complicated wounds. Can be injected directly into deep sinuses or fistulae. Can be drained with the help of a carrier dressing. Perfectly copies the ragged shape of diabetic foot ulcers

  • Healing of deep, chronic & complicated wounds

  • Wide range of application

  • Wide range of application

  • Actively support healing and granulation


Sorelex provides solution to a wide spectrum of wounds. It is especially beneficial when rapid wound bed preparation and/or initiation of the healing processes are needed. It is recommended for wounds with medium to high levels of exudate production.

  • Venous, diabetic and pressure ulcers

  • Traumatic and surgical wounds

  • Infected wounds or wounds at risk of infection

  • Wound swith moderate-to-high levels of exudate

  • Sorelex is not indicated for dry wounds